SXG75 codes question.

SXG75 codes question.

Postby sxg75 » Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:09pm

Hello mates, just got a NOS brand new SXG75 prototype, it's even with the screen protector. I tried to search on google for the key codes list, but couldn't find anything because of those stupid spammers with their unlocking phones websites. So my question is, is there a list with all the "secret" codes for sxg75, for example the most common *#06#, as far as i remember there was one *9999# which was for master reset, it should be another one for talk time and so on.
Thanks in advance.
Hai! I'm new here! Plz help me!!!1
Hai! I'm new here! Plz help me!!!1
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Re: SXG75 codes question.

Postby DireWolf » Fri Feb 27, 2015 1:59pm

His, and welcome! 8)

Of the top or my head, I remember that entering *#0606# will show some info and on the second page there's the list of locks (mainly the operator lock).

If you dial 000000 (six zeroes) at the home screen and press the green key, you'll get a menu with lots of stuff. Some features require the code 8687 ("UMTS" on the keypad).
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