Farewell EF81

Farewell EF81

Postby betocchi » Fri Oct 03, 2008 11:36am

I bought an EF81 in October 2006. The original FW (42 I guess) was unbearably slow, so I installed FW 58. The system was extremely unstable, though, as I experienced many hang-ups and odd behaviors. In 1 year I had to re-install the firmware 6 or 7 times for an array of reasons (most often: SMS would not reach the phone because the memory was full; only, it was not full at all). I sought for help in many forums (including, very often, this one) and I have to thank the many people that helped me, either directly or with their posts. The phone showed also a bizarre attitude: it would turn of by itself (but many phones do that) but it would also turn on by itself. In October 2007 I gave up and bought a new phone, a Windows Mobile-based device which behaves as one expects it to do (mainly works seamlessly). I am not used at switching phones often: before the EF81 I had had 2 Siemens (S35 and S55) which were ugly but worked fine for many years; when the S55 started losing its keys (after 3 and 1/2 years) I saw the EF81 which was a Siemens (at least I thought so) and looked beautiful: bingo! I guess that for phones it is as for restaurants: those in great locations and with a nice view and environments usually serve bad food.
After one year (these days) I had, for some reasons, to use two cellular phones, so I dug the EF81 from the grave, but I am using it only for basic task (receiving calls), yet I have to put up with EF81 madness once again. For instance, during the night I see a ghostly glow in the dark: it is him (turned off, but it turns of by itself, no alarm set of course, stays lit for a while then goes off again).
Tha's it. Sorry if I bothered someone with this long post. EF81 destroyed my trust in Siemens.
Windows Mobile rules.
Hai! I'm new here! Plz help me!!!1
Hai! I'm new here! Plz help me!!!1
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Postby SandStorm » Fri Oct 03, 2008 1:04pm

i there man. :)
got 3 phones running in the same platform as EF81... the E81, SL91 and SXG75

great phones, the only one who sometimes give me trouble is the SXG.
well, that ghost effect, i have on my 3 phones. it is due the nv items checking themselves and evaluating the current status, etc.

pretty weird stuff, but it's how the brew platform is...

wm devices are neat, good to pack up with applications and such. but as normal phone, hey, siemens 65 series rulez! ;)
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